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Business Consulting Services

Our business consulting services emphasize on most critical opportunities and issues of our clients' businesses - operations, marketing, strategy, organization, technology, business intelligence and digital. We understand the day-to-day business to bring the values from different sections of the business: and use our expertise to the optimize and bring results.

What Business Consulting Services we offer

Here are the major consulting services we provide but are not limited to these.

Business Strategy

Are you stuck and not growing? Are you in a chicken and egg situation with your cash flow and expanding team? What Stimulus crafts as a business strategy, is more than a plan. We focus on delivering results than just creative solutions. Our holistic approach has help variety of busineses to achieve their core goals. We are emerging as the business consulting service company where strategy is our strongest area since inception.

Information Technology

For every growing company, technology is becoming inevitable to invest in. But mostly large and small companies focus on the percentage of investment instead of the efficient investment in information technology. We are one of those business consulting company in India, which designs the most optimum technology penetration for growing companies. Our business solutions consutant possess the technology expertise in order to make the best decisions.


Every business grows on its organisation structure, how well the core teams were designed. But often businesses don't have that luxury. Our business consultancy service India works hand-in-hand with the teams and also participate in acquiring, training and restructuring the organisation. Hence we have created a niche in small business consulting services. Structuring organisation including functions, processes and roles is very much part of our mandate in business consulting services we provide.

Are you in need of any Business Solutions Consultant?

Case Studies

Why do you need business consulting services?

If you have a good concept, validation and still your business is not picking up.

If focus of your business is lost and you cannot decide what to keep and what to lose.

If your business is not growing despite of generating good sales and expanding team.

If you have an amazing product or service, but your team is ripping great sales.


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