What Are The Benefits Of Developing An App In Ionic Framework?

Posted on 17 May, 2018

The sphere of app development has really progressed in the recent times as new technologies are being constantly introduced to create improved applications. One of such app development frameworks that are used extensively these days is certainly the Ionic framework. With the help of Ionic framework, developers can create cross platform mobile apps with highly interactive features that can be used in devices running on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. The Ionic framework can be defined as an HTML5 framework which can be used with native systems like PhoneGap or Cordova for running native apps. The Ionic framework makes use of AngularJS, SASS and Phonegap for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps that are further equipped with native gestures, functionalities as well as customizable tools.

The distinct advantages of Ionic framework make it one of the most extensively used programs for app development. It is due to this reason that there is always a great demand for an Ionic Mobile App Development Company that can offer smart services.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Developing An App In Ionic Framework.

1. Superior Ecosystem
Ionic framework offers a highly developed ecosystem that can be used for creating different types of hybrid apps. Ionic integrates easily with plugins, add-ons and modules that are available with AngularJS and Cordova. It also has got an extensively large collection of plugins and add-ons of its own. Angular offers a vast plugin collection that can used for integrating Ionic apps seamlessly with various popular web services such as Twitter and FaceBook with the help of complex UI elements like progress bars, sliders and dialog boxes. With the help of successful integration of AngularJS and Ionic Framework, it is possible to create a healthy code structure and app ecosystem. This makes coding more manageable and handy.

2. Great Cross Platform Compatibility
Since Ionic makes use of one single code base, it can offer excellent cross platform compatibility for all the apps created by it. This is quite unlike the other notable app development frameworks. Therefore with Ionic, one can build responsive and intuitive apps that can be used with all kinds of portable devices. No matter what their features might be, the apps that are built in Ionic can work perfectly with any mobile device. In fact, the latest Ionic framework version comes with an extensive set of powerful native APIs that offer access to native features like camera, touch ID, Bluetooth, health kit and other utilities. It is for this reason that Ionic App Development Services India are highly recommended by most industry experts.

3. Costing or Pricing
One of the fundamental benefits of choosing a hybrid app development project is that it can be managed at less cost compared to what is needed to develop native apps meant for the various operating systems. Most apps, whether it is consumer or enterprise apps, can be developed for Android with Java or for iOS with Objective-C. By working with Ionic, developers can create a single app for both Android and iOS platforms using the same tools and resources that can be used for creating a native for a definite and single OS. With Ionic, it is possible to create hybrid mobile apps that developers can customize for multiple platforms. Ionic framework can be used for easily offloading computationally intensive tasks and create consistent and smart application programming interfaces which conform the needs of multiple platforms.

4. Clean UI
Ionic offers a fine collection of UI design layouts and elements. The framework comes with various default styles which can be easily customized with the help of one of the pre-installed and well defined CSS classes that can be used for achieving a unique look. These elements include sliding menu, form inputs, navigation and pop-ups. The components are elegant, user-friendly and can be easily customized for rendering the effect that the developers want to achieve.

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