Revival of a Food Business – Process Design and Business Plan

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Nothing can attract stronger than the “passion”. (Process Design and Business Plan for Food Industry)

A Chef who worked in a café within an incubation center after his million-rupee culinary art and hotel management course and apart from his kitchen, he hardly like anything about his career. Food has been his true passion and making food as his daily, monotonous routine job became a boring routine along with the salary which could hardly dignify his skills and art including his relationship with his customers.

IndiChef became a brand known in the city and a synonym for delicious but healthy Indian food, especially the uniquely designed lunch packs by a very talented idesire. After a collapse through a family medical situation – Chef Vandan was left with a closed down business, gradually fading brand due to non-operation, business debt, and a thousand pre-printed meal boxes.

IndiChef approached Stimulus for the revival of the brand and business. The biggest challenge was to reignite the business with no money. We often question an astrologer that if you know the future why can’t you fix your own!? And more than often they do not have an answer to that. But Stimulus – as we identify ourselves as the business enablers – we definitely try to help clients in every situation. A smooth and settled business won’t need us!

Problem Statement

An existing brand needs revival and before that the founder needs the survival through this business. At this point you must require Process design and business plan for boost.


Stimulus introduced two new services through an online campaign – these services didn’t require any expense or investment. Training for Recipes and Chef at Home for the house parties! This campaign kick started the completely suspended operations of the brand IndiChef. Stimulus created a lead generation campaign and IndiChef started getting orders.

Process Design and Business plan
Process design and Business plan to improve online visibility

In a short span, IndiChef was got revived within the past customer base and word of mouth picked up the inquiries for their signature lunch packs. Small home-based operation was set up to start the monthly limited meal subscriptions. Within the first month – IndiChef got 15 subscriptions and a take-home profit to survive.

Not always, it is required to start the business with all utilities, all the tools, all the resources and all the money. Most small business and individual entrepreneurs face the struggle of the initial capital and they wait for the finances or partners as much as making that an excuse to really start and grow their business.

Taking the Risk as Consulting Partners

IndiChef was revived amongst the known groups and further. Stimulus extended its role as a consulting partner and structured the operations, logistics, business plan and launched the small outlet in the center of the city. Outlet was started with all basic processes in place including ordering goods, stock management, expense management, item wise sales tracking etc.

App for food business

Location wise, this outlet was primarily opened for expanding the online orders and creating a delivery kitchen with a small portion of local business. With the quality of food and pricing strategy, IndiChef took off locally to not cause any hurting losses for first three months. In forth month, business achieved breakeven and with a substantial learning about the popular food items, expense management, seasonal changes and optimization of the resource usage.

Role and Expertise of Stimulus

Stimulus has played the largest part in designing the data collection and processes to ensure there is no leakage in the long term which can cause major damage. With the implementation of multiple online ordering channels – IndiChef has shown consistent growth month-on-month throughout the first 6 months while we share this.

IndiChef is one of the best success stories we have created and we are still thriving to further grow the business. Stimulus too finds its passion in challenges and helping business accelerate and grow sustainably.

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