How ChatBots will change the game for businesses?

Posted on 14 Sep, 2018

Once upon a time (a few decades ago), there were no ATMs or Online Banking - we had to travel to the bank, stand in a long queue (regardless of how small the request be it changing address or withdraw, transfer funds)

And the only thing we could dream was to get a way to by-pass the entire queue and get the personalized attention instantly whenever we want. With ATMs now that's possible.

Personalized attention & the Instant response is the key that moves the business faster and digital medium is no different. ChatBots are ATMs for Online businesses.

A bot is a software designed to perform a series of tasks on its own and without the help of a human being just like ATMs (without a 24*7 watchman :-p)

The average duration of a visitor on a site is less than 2 minutes (which by the way is near to average duration of men's [NATURAL] orgasm).

No matter how beautifully your site is designed - if the visitor does not find what he is looking for in less than 2 minutes - it is highly likely that will switch to another site like swiping left on dating apps.

ChatBots acts as a hook here. Recall the key above:- "Personalized attention & the Instant response " A visitor is much likely to engage if we can quickly provide him with the information he is looking for instead of letting him roam around the site.

Since humans have limits - we can't be always online to answer queries or calls 24*7 which always makes us lose some potential enquiries which chatbots can save for us.

There are 2 types of chatbots :

1) Rule-based:- which can handle queries which match to the condition or rule we have set for the chatbot. For example: If we create a rule that when a visitor asks for the quotation or use similar words it has to reflect the pricing of the product or service. But the limitation is if the visitor asks out of the context questions - chatbot will not be able to answer.

2) AI-based:- which can understand the context of what a visitor is asking and reflect relevant information without limiting to certain pre-specified rule.

Use Cases:-

1) A salesman: would you need a salesperson to assist you with your purchase decision if every question related to product/service is answered instantly and in a personalised way? Let the chatbots pitch your offerings 24*7 even while you sleep and you know what he won't ask for a salary raise for overtime. Yes, there's a cost to get a ChatBot but that will be negligible when you compare it with the total of all salaries of the sales department.

2) Customer care: ChatBots can be designed to render after-sales complains too and can provide suggested solutions automatically without having a human to talk too.

As a business (specifically Online) we cannot imagine how much we are losing without having a chatbot integrated into our site. After all, haven't the presence of ATMs made you withdraw cash much often? Why can't it work the same way and make your customer buy from you more often? Again, the key is "Personalized attention & the Instant response". ChatBots are ATMs for businesses

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